The real reason Chris pratt got canceled

After doing a series of blockbuster movies such as: The Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Passengers, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Avengers: Endgame, Actor and Producer Chris Pratt got a significant trend on the internet by liberals and mostly by the members of the rainbow community because of his relations with the Hillsong.

 Every artist that brings forth topics and contents liked by the liberals is provided a stamp of fair approval and is given appropriate attention.

Things aren’t right when a Hollywood actor or artist expresses their views related to faith or even close enough. The reason being the feelings of those controlling the industry.

 Things were fine with Chris Pratt when he was on with his movie career doing movies in streams of both fiction and personal interest until he landed on The late-night show with Jimmy Kimmel, where he spoke about his faith and relations with the Hillsong.

 At that very moment, the video did not gather much attention from the community until a photo was uploaded on the internet asking for the Best and the worst Chris where people choose Chris Evans as the best Chris and Chris Pratt as the worst Chris.

The reason was straightforward; Chris Pratt had relations with the Hillsong church that neither supports nor promotes the rainbow movement or the community. As time passed and more people came to see the post, More and more community members came to enlightenment and voted him as the worst Chris starting a cultural war on the internet.

 Chris Pratt was therefore approved of being canceled from Hollywood by the members that support the community.

 Chris Pratt was also scolded earlier by Ellen Page, calling him Homophobic. Ellen Page also said various things that put Chris Pratt in the complete victim’s position in front of the rainbow community and the liberals.

Chris Pratt responded to Ellen Page’s tweet, saying that neither he nor his church was ‘homophobic’ while he and his church accepts people of all community, color, and background. Chris Pratt’s tweets were not successful in gaining his position back in sight of the audience.

 Various actors such as Robert Drowny Jr., Zoe Saldana, James Gun, Josh Gad, and Mark Ruffalo came out in open support of Chris Pratt along with his wife Katherine, which nevertheless helped in triggering the liberal audience calling it as an ‘Avengers Assemble’ for a homophobic man.

 Very few actors have been in their previous positions on being canceled, much less be loved the same by the audience of all backgrounds.

 The rainbow community’s overgrowth has caused almost every stream to think twice before posting or speaking something on the internet. This has made virtually every social media platform, a platform for debates, insults, and personal humiliation.

We only suggest everyone to make social media a platform of love and acceptance even though you disagree with it. It is better to skip something than muggle with it for hours, much less humiliate each other with personal attacks.

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