Jim Caviezel confirms the sequel to The Passion of The Christ.

Jim Caviezel, known for his phenomenal performance in movies such as The Passion of The Christ, Paul The Apostle of Christ, Count of Monte Cristo, and Person of Interest, has received many appreciations his performance in his latest movie Infidel.

In the movie Infidel, Jim played the role of an American-blogger who got kidnapped for making some bold statements that struck the heads of most extremists in Egypt. The film has received an IMDB rating of 5.9 stars because of centering a controversial content not liked by most people these days.

Jim appeared on various shows and News platforms to promote this movie, such as The Ben Shapiro Show, The Hukabee’s jukebox, The Dan Bongino Show, Fox News, The Eric Metaxas Radio Show.

 He mentioned the sequel to The Passion of The Christ in almost all shows, but he provided the most amount of details in The Eric Metaxas Radio Show where he said that the production of the movie was about to begin in 2016, but it delayed due to various background reasons mostly in the life of Mel Gibson.

 He stated the movie’s screenwriting is being done for about seven years, and the only thing left now is the shooting of the film because the cast and crew would remain almost the same as it was in The Passion.

 Both Jim and Mel Gibson have given various hints about the movie in multiple shows. In an interview with the anchor of EWTN, Jim Caviezel said that ‘it would be the greatest movie of all times’ while Mel Gibson on The late show with Stephen Colbert said that ‘The sequel to the Passion of The Christ will be made for sure.’

 He also gave some insights from the movie that there would be scenes from many realms, and the timeline of the film will be three days starting from crucifixion to the resurrection. The movie will portray the things Lord Jesus Christ did while his flesh was in the tomb.

The news broke in the media, and Passion fans worldwide rejoiced in excitement for the movie. After that, not much of the content and proceedings related to the film has been provided by Mel Gibson.

 Regardless of being dropped by mainstream Hollywood, Jim has worked extremely hard to reach the stage of well-known popularity with his films and especially for the characters he portrays in his movies. Jim’s further continuation in the stream of faith-based movies depicts his plans related to the film industry and how he wants to stay in his role as a true Christian actor.

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